A Win IS a Win. But, This Felt Lackluster

Maybe it’s because the season started with so much promise and then took a nosedive starting in Week 2. Maybe it’s the fact that we see the same problems week in and week out and all collectively wonder how on earth professional football players and their coaches can’t figure it out.

Is it me or does anyone else notice that we seem to have a script that works on the first drive of each half, but don’t really make any in-game adjustments? What are the coaches doing in the booth? And if they are making adjustments why do they NOT work?

And what about Tua? Oh Tua! He has skill. We’ve all seen it. We’ve seen the numbers. 9 TDs, 6 interceptions, 1,471 yards passing, three rushing TDs in barely more than six games with a passer rating of 91.4. Seems okay, but 91.4 ranks Tua at #22 out of 38 quarterbacks with enough playing time to make the list on NEXT GEN STATS on NFL.com. Yardage ranks Tua at 28th out of 38. Touchdowns? 26th out of 38. Now, I know he’s missed 4 games so with that in mind we can give him a bit of a break. Oh wait… let’s not say “break” around Tua.

Here’s one stat that Tua excels in… completion percentage (68%) which is 9th best! Imagine what he could do with an offensive line that could actually block for him? So, let’s look at Tua during the last two games. Tua ranks 12th in OFF GRADE on PFF; 8th in PASS GRADE and 8th in NFL Passer Rating. Imagine if he eliminated the interceptions? Imagine that he eventually understands that you take chances when you catch the defense offside and you have a free play instead of throwing it away?Ummmm, excuse me! Danny? Marino? Get in this kids ear and teach him! Please!

Let’s get to the defense. Much maligned all season, but Miami’s defense overall on the season grades out #10 on PFF. So, that unit seems to be back on track. Perhaps a call here or there and this team might have won another game or two. But, the calls didn’t go their way, so we find ourselves fighting back to become relevant in an otherwise lost season.

Can the Dolphins extend the winning streak to 6 and even the record at 7-7? Vegas doesn’t believe so as they have the Dolphins as a home underdog to Carolina by 2.5 points. But, get by Carolina and the Dolphins have two very winnable games against the Giants and then the Jets after their bye week.

If the Dolphins somehow manage to even their record by Christmas the schedule doesn’t get easy. Two road games against New Orleans and Tennessee followed by the season finale at home against New England. No matter what happens there does appear to be a small silver lining in this season full of blank stares and question marks over everyone’s head. The defense needs to remain focused and help the offense. And in the offseason the Dolphins need to take a very close look at each position group on offense and fix that mess.

Resign Mike Gesicki, the sole guy on offense who’s had a season much like we expected. I’d say a very good veteran left tackle signing in free agency could be a good start for that unit. Can we find a power running back in the draft or will one be available in free agency? And what do we do with the wide receiver room?

Questions abound… yes. But, not all is as lost as it once seemed.

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