Great Win! Upset of the Year? Maybe.

By the way… the DOLFAN Radio van is 2-0

Thursday night! No expectations. Well, the expectation that this game was going to be a blood bath!

Hmmmm! Interesting turn of events as the Dolphins SHOCKED the NFL and the nation with a 22-10 win over the Baltimore Ravens. Things that make you go… “huh?”.

Just when everyone thinks the Miami Dolphins are done; heads are going to roll; massive changes are coming in the offseason… the DOLPHINS pull off a win unlike any we’ve ever seen. In PRIMETIME! Against a far “superior” team, the 6-2 Baltimore Ravens. A team that OWNS the Dolphins.

My hat’s off to the entire team. Brian Flores called the defensive game plan… it worked! The offense did just enough… it worked. Tua looked great after a rocky start, but… it worked.

Love this win DOLFANS! All is not as bleak as it appeared.

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