Brian Flores Should Feel the Heat

The Miami Dolphins were supposed to compete for a playoff spot this year. Everyone thought so. But, right now it doesn’t look like they can win another game. And as Brian Flores says, “It’s on me” each week as the losses pile up, owner Stephen Ross might have no choice but to turn up the heat on the coach.

General manager Chris Grier should be feeling the heat as well. For all the hope that the Dolphins had entering the season, 5 straight losses tell a very sad story about the state of the Miami Dolphins. They aren’t very good.

I’d like to start with a glaring problem… conditioning. How many years have we watched as one player after another is a “scratch” due to some lingering, nagging injury? As my cohost has stated, if he were the head coach he’d tear down the bubble. The Dolphins play in the South Florida heat and humidity. An environment that used to be, and still should be, an advantage. Yet week in and week out we see players nursing a hamstring or some other preventable “injury”. That’s on training and conditioning.

As the coaches are left game planning without knowing which players will actually be able to go on game day, it makes it impossible to put together a consistent winning plan. And that brings me back to what John Bock said… “Tear down the practice bubble!” You play in the heat and humidity; TRAIN in the heat and humidity. That might help alleviate the stupid hamstring injuries and other preventable injuries that have sidelined so many players every week for YEARS!

Coach Shula ran his player’s asses off IN THE HEAT! In doing so, the players were acclimated to that condition. No leaving the air-conditioned practice bubble to then pull a muscle in the heat/humidity and miss valuable playing time. As we’ve said time and time again… you’re only as good as your ability to stay on the field.

Now, back to Coach Flores. What the hell happened? You had a locker room that looked like each player would run through a brick wall for you. Now? They look like that wall fell on them and I think I know why. You’ve decided, right or wrong, to go with a youth movement with your roster. However, young players need veteran leadership. A young offensive line looks to a seasoned veteran to pull them together as a unit. A young defense looks to a veteran to hold them together. But, you’ve jettisoned veterans for 100% youth. No successful veterans along the offensive line. And you released Kyle Van Noy and his presence, or lack thereof, shows on the defense this year.

Mistakes are a part of football, but the tunnel vision and stubbornness in trimming this roster and cutting out the veteran leadership is beginning to show as a glaring mistake. Maybe Mr. Ross sticks with your plan, but as the losses continue to mount and the fans go to the beach or go fishing every home game, that empty stadium will potentially make a decision for an owner desperate for success.

If Coach Flores and General Manager Chris Grier survive the flight from London back to Miami they might have a chance to turn this thing around. But, that turnaround needs to happen quick and must be HIGHLY NOTICEABLE or your boss may be forced to make yet another change at the end of this “promising” season.

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