Brad Michaels Monday RANT


    Doesn’t Matter Who the Playmakers Are if You Don’t Have the Right Guys Upfront

    Photo credit: Brad Michaels, DOLFAN RADIO. Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills. Sunday September 19, 2021

    MAYDAY! MAYDAY! The Dolphins have a serious issue. So serious that if they don’t figure out how to get it fixed (and soon) this promising season is going to go downhill fast.

    The OFFENSIVE LINE is… well, “offensive”. Missed assignments, missed blocks, out of position, and quite simply, LOST! I don’t care who’s lining up at quarterback. If your offensive linemen can’t pass block and keep you upright you’ll never get your reads completed and most likely end up on your butt most of the day. Same goes for your running backs and your receivers. If the line can’t run block you’re not going anywhere because there are no lanes to run through. And if you’re a receiver, who cares how fast you are? Who cares how open you got 4 seconds off the line if the quarterback is on his ass 3 seconds after the snap?

    THIS is what we saw in Miami yesterday. An offensive line that couldn’t block anyone. An offensive line that the Bills defense did not fear nor respect. As such the Dolphins lost Tua for the game and possibly for an extended time depending on how severely hurt his ribs are. Jacoby Brissett didn’t fare much better. The running game was non-existent. And the receivers? Well, if you’ve read this far or watched the game, you get it.

    The offensive line is a HUGE problem. Fix it or all the promise this season has could be gone in a hurry.


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