Dolphins Are Not Getting Respect

So, I live in Las Vegas. The home of the sportsbook!

Vegas is not respecting this team. The Dolphins are 3 1/2 point HOME DOGS against the Bills and there are some books that are actually placing a line on the Raiders game with the Raiders favored by 1.

Now I know that the Dolphins haven’t “WOW’d” anyone for 20 years. But, this team… this coaching staff and this front office… they’ve taken a different approach. They blew up this roster! No more bullshit! No more high-priced free agents past their prime. No more players wives talking to the press or players mothers for that matter.

I understand why the Las Vegas sportsbooks are taking the stance they are. We’ve all seen the Dolphins do this year after year and coaching staff after coaching staff. But, this coaching staff, this front office… THIS actually feels different. This actually IS different.

Head Coach Brian Flores and General Manager Chris Grier have made the tough decisions to get this roster where it is. Are there missing pieces? Of course. But, every team has missing pieces. But, what they have done is incredible. We had a roster of “NOBODIES” in 2019 yet that roster bought in to what Flores and Grier were selling so much that they never gave up and they won 5 games! Then, despite the struggles of COVID-19, the 2020 squad won 10 games and just barely missed the playoffs.

So, for the Dolphins to be HOME DOGS this coming week by 3 1/2 points is an insult and ABSOLUTE DISRESPECT for what this team has accomplished thus far. I know Buffalo is a good team – they won the division and went to the AFC Championship last year – but give the Dolphins the respect they deserve. They went on the road Week 1 and knocked off the Patriots in Foxborough. Maybe it wasn’t pretty, but no defensive game ever is. Those are DOG FIGHTS! But, don’t disrespect Miami.

This team is on a mission. PLAYOFFS! Will they go deep? Maybe, maybe not. But, give us the respect we deserve!

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