Did The Dolphins Upgrade in the Draft

The one question that we all want to know. Did the Dolphins upgrade the team with their draft haul?

Well, yes and no.

As you all know, I was very high on Devonta Smith, the Heisman Trophy winner. But as time went on I began to realize that he didn’t have the size for an NFL receiver. Not in today’s league!

So, Jamar Chase is gone by the time we pick #6. I honestly think that Chris Grier and Brian Flores had 3 potential picks in mind. #1 – Kyle Pitts from Florida; #2 – Jamar Chase from LSU and, #3 – BEST AVAILABLE “RECEIVER”.

Receiver was the given choice as running backs are not valued as high. And the Dolphins took Jaylen Waddle because, let’s face it, he’s the better receiver. PERIOD!

I’m only going to discuss this pick because this was the key to the “upgrade”. And again, did the Dolphins upgrade? To me, it boils down to what camp you were in. Some will say that we had a shot at a Heisman winner while others will say that we got a durable receiver much in the mold of Chris Chambers, but with a bit of an upside.

So, did the Dolphins upgrade in the draft? It’s hard to say until Week One. But… maybe

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