Tua or Not Tua

Miami Dolphins

So much talk these days about Miami and trading for Deshaun Watson!


First off, let’s not forget who’s running the Dolphins these days. No more Jeff Ireland as GM thankfully. Quite frankly I thought Dennis Hickey did a great job, but he is also gone. Mike Tannenbaum – GONE! Chris Grier? Finally a guy who seems to actually “get it”.

Add in a head coach in Brian Flores and I don’t think Deshaun Watson even sees the Dolphins training facility. Let the media pundits chirp all they want, but this move doesn’t make sense. Oh, I know the Laremy Tunsel/Kenny Stills trade didn’t make sense at the time, but that turned out to be the “Herschel Walker Trade – Dolphin Style”.

Chris Grier and Brian Flores didn’t draft Tua Tagovailoa to turn around and trade him. Could Watson be the quarterback to lead the Dolphins to a super bowl title? Sure! And so can Tagovailoa… just put the right weapons around him. Case in point… Dan Marino! Great quarterback. Probably the greatest to never win a super bowl. Compare Marino not winning a super bowl to Michael Jordan never winning an NBA title… okay?

If Marino had a defense that didn’t give up 50 points every time the Dolphins scored 49 – who knows. We ALL remember the Marino years. Tua is a young, talented quarterback. If he wasn’t they wouldn’t have drafted him. I hear everyone saying, “Yeah, but the Dolphins got rid of Josh Rosen!”.

Josh Rosen came cheap and we had plenty of draft capital to take a “flyer” on him… it just didn’t work out. And if Rosen was really a great quarterback he wouldn’t have ended up on Tampa’s practice squad. Tua ain’t Rosen… you don’t give up on a guy you drafted. “Oh yeah? Arizona traded Rosen after one season!”.

Rosen was traded because the coach that drafted him was fired. Flores drafted Tua. Flores is STILL Miami’s head coach. Tua STAYS!

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