With the ??? pick in the 2021 draft the Miami Dolphins select…

Last year’s 5th overall selection, Tua Tagovailoa, in action against Arizona

Who will it be? Will it be the 3rd overall pick from Houston as part of the Laremy Tunsil trade or will the Dolphins find a suitable trade partner and trade down?

There is much speculation and thus far this offseason is shaping up about as unpredictable as the 2020 season was strange. Many collegiate players who are in the draft class opted out altogether, while others had many important games cancelled due to Covid-19.

What do we really know about the draft class of 2021? And can any team in the NFL be certain of what they’re getting with any pick in the draft? This is perhaps the most important draft for this young team as we head into the third year of the all-important makeover headed up by General Manager Chris Grier and Head Coach Brian Flores. So far I would have to say that they’ve made almost all the right moves starting with the non-tanking 2019 season to the “we almost made the playoffs” team of 2020.

But, the 2021 draft is so important if this team is going to build on the nucleus that’s been created thus far. Seeing as how the Dolphins will probably not want to throw a lot of cap money away with splashy free agents signings, and seeing as how they don’t have as much wiggle room in cap space anyhow, this draft is where we need to pick up key starters with our picks.

I’m sold on standing pat with the 3rd overall pick and selecting Heisman winner Devonta Smith. This is a solid addition and will add a much needed playmaker for Tua. With the 18th pick I would select Travis Etienne if he’s still on the board. I could also go with Najee Harris if Etienne is gone. Otherwise we address either OL or defense with the best player available DE or LB.

These two picks could make all the difference in this team’s rise to contender or it’s fall back to pretender status.

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