Fitzpatrick Never Quits, Also Never Stays

Ryan Fitzpatrick still wants to play football. The last two years have “relit the fire” in him. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/02/02/ryan-fitzpatrick-last-two-seasons-re-lit-my-fire-i-still-want-to-play/ And, let’s be honest, with all the Quarterback needs in the league the NFL still needs him.

Dolphins Flag

However, Fitzpatrick has reportedly told the Miami Dolphins he is moving on. This makes sense. Fitzpatrick believes he still has a lot to offer, and likely wants a starting position somewhere. Why not? This is certainly feasible at this point and he will make a lot more money.

Interestingly, Fitzpatrick has played for 25% of the league. Let me say that again, if his new team is a team he hasn’t played for in the past, it will be his NINTH team. A journeyman if there ever was. And he’s done well wherever he has gone. Let’s look at a couple possible suitors:

The Denver Broncos


Moving here, he would have to beat out Drew Lock. Probably not a far stretch but I don’t believe the game of musical QB’s has even started this season. But for now, Fitz and the Broncos are talking.

The Washington Football Team

Washington Football Team

Yes, this name still makes me chuckle saying it. With all kinds of issues, he could definitely be starting day 1, but why would he. Sounds like a great way to get hurt and prevent there from being a team 10.

And with players like Watson and Wilson still up in the air, this one may take awhile to pan out. Also, what will Miami do now? Go all in on Tua. Play the musical QB game with the rest of the league? Time will tell…

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