With the valuable 3rd draft pick, Miami chooses…

The NFL Draft is fast approaching. Miami holds an enormous amount of draft power this year with 10 draft picks: 2 in Round 1, 2 in Round 2, 1 in round 3-5, 2 in Round 6 and 1 in Round 7. With many needs to address and a small cap space, decisions need to be made. Between picking your needs or the best player available, let the dilemma (and speculation) begin…

Biggest Need – Run Defense

Let’s make the case for run defense improvements. The Dolphins did well in several key defensive stat categories. They were 1st in 3rd Down Conversion Defense, 6th in Points Per Game Allowed, and 1st in Takeaways Per Game.

However, Miami allowed a 4.5 yards per carry average, 20th in the league. The best teams in this category were all strong playoff participants, Seattle, New Orleans, Indianapolis and Tampa Bay. Not one of the worse 6 teams in this category, made the playoffs at all.

While Van Ginkel and Wilkens do well against the run, the Dolphins need a stronger front 7. Adding a flashy pass rusher sounds like a good approach, but if he can’t stop the run as well it may not play out well. So who should they pick?

Best Option for 3rd Pick

Carlos Basham – Edge Rusher, Wake Forest

Many teams are taking a solid 1st round look at Basham. An edge rusher that provides good run-stop potential.

Zaven Collins – LB, Tulsa

At 6’4″, 260 lbs., this linebacker not only plays at a pro level, he will be the monster in the middle

Best Available at 3rd Pick

Devonta Smith – WR, Alabama


Devonta is a beast that is sure to make an immediate impact on any team. How can you pass up a guaranteed threat?

Who Dolphins Will Pick

Penei Sewell – OT, Oregon

Looking to get Tua some more time/protection, Sewell isn’t a bad choice at all. Just not exactly the best choice at 3.

What are your thoughts? Also, check out more thoughts here:


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