A Look at the 2021 Draft

It’s always fun to “What If?” And what better way to “What If?” than by discussing the draft with 3 games left to play in the regular season? So, here we go…

Let’s assume that the standings stay as they are. The Dolphins own the Houston Texans 1st Round Pick which right now according to the NFLs official standings would be the 5th pick (although that may not be completely accurate)… Nice! And the Dolphins would have the 21st pick. So, what could the Dolphins do? Would they go for the receiver that their QB has chemistry with from Alabama in Devonta Smith? Or will they pick a LB, OL or EDGE? My guess is a shiny new toy for the franchise QB. Devonta Smith.

With the 21st pick I believe that Clemson RB Travis Etienne will be available at this spot! If we don’t take him Tampa does right behind is with the 22nd pick. Some would argue that we have a greater need along the offensive line, but I think that having gained valuable experience this year that our young line will come together. I also believe that GM Chris Grier and Head Coach Brian Flores are building a “downhill” team which would require a dominant RB and Etienne fits the bill perfectly.

Let me explain this a little more. I have to admit that I was not on the TUA TRAIN. His hip injury was enough to make me look to explore other options and with Justin Herbert there for the taking at #5 in the 2020 Draft, he’s the guy I wanted. However, as I see this team come together I am beginning to see what I think is the vision Grier and Flores have. Modern NFL meet your throwback counterpart.

Yep! The Dolphins want to play a downhill game. A staunch defense that can shut down a guy like Patrick Mahomes. And an offense that punishes opposing defenses with a punishing running game that chews up game clock, moves the chains and has a QB who is smart, methodical, and won’t make an untimely unforced error. A guy that reminds me, based on his play, of Joe Montana. Now, I’m not saying that Tua Tagovailoa is as good as Joe Montana. What I’m saying is that I believe he’s the type of intelligent game manager with the amazing accuracy that Montana brought week in and week out. With a featured back like Etienne chewing up yardage and the clock, having a guy like Tua is the perfect compliment because he won’t give the ball up when called upon to make a play.

So, look for one toy for Tua and a RB who can help the Dolphins bring OLD SCHOOL football to 2021 and beyond.

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